Cancer-stricken AFL WAG Kellie Finlayson reveals her biggest struggle

Cancer-stricken Kellie Finlayson has revealed having her plans for a big family with her AFL star husband Jeremy ruined by the onset of early menopause has been the hardest pill for her to swallow during her battle with the killer disease.

The 27-year-old discovered she had a tumour in her bowel in November 2021 after suffering painful symptoms that were first thought to be side-effects of her pregnancy with baby daughter Sophia.

After Sophia was born, a colonoscopy discovered a tumour the size of a tennis ball.But after a year of intense treatment, she hoped the cancer had gone – only to have a CT scan show it had metastasised and spread to her lungs.

Now on the Gold Coast receiving treatment for Stage 4 cancer, Finlayson revealed that while the disease ‘100 per cent robbed’ her of her first year of motherhood with Sophia, that wasn’t the biggest struggle she has to overcome.

The mum-of-one revealed her battle with the disease ‘100 per cent’ robbed her of her first year of motherhood with daughter Sophia


She married Port Adelaide star Jeremy in a surprise beachside ceremony in Adelaide earlier this month (pictured) 

‘I’ve gone into early menopause.Whether I can come back from that, I don’t know,’ she told the  podcast this week.

‘That was honestly my biggest struggle, knowing that I may not give Sophia any siblings, which is so hard.We had always planned to have a big family.

‘It’s just something that I always wanted. It was the hardest pill to swallow out of all the pills I’ve swallowed in the last 18 months.

‘We’ve kind of come to terms with it knowing how many options we do have.’

Finlayson explained that adoption is no longer a possibility due to her terminal diagnosis, which means ‘no one is going to give me a child’.

A surrogate pregnancy or egg donation are possibilities but there are huge obstacles to overcome with those methods.

Going into early menopause and almost certainly losing her dream of starting a big family is the ‘hardest pill to swallow out of all the pills I’ve swallowed in the last 18 months’, she said

‘I know there are options out there, just trying to find when I’m well enough to even have the newborn, or if that’s something we even want to do now, knowing, like, how hard it’s being having one child with this illness,’ she explained.

‘If I do relapse in five years’ time, having two, that would be just even harder.’

Finlayson married Port Adelaide ruckman Jeremy in a beachside ceremony in early March after their nuptials were postponed last October due to her cancer diagnosis.

She said she wanted to tie the knot before her hair fell out and she had already started losing it at the time. 

Finlayson revealed that she originally thought her symptoms were postpartum pregnancy-related because ‘I had nothing else to compare it to’.

‘I had no friends that had babies either …All I had was Dr Google, which is never a good idea.

The 27-year-old was meant to have a colonoscopy in March 2020 but that was delayed until November 2021 due to Covid – with the delay proving crucial

‘Jeremy actually made a joke about me having to go to the toilet way too often [and] that we would need to drive around with a portaloo.’

She also revealed she was meant to have a colonoscopy in March 2020, almost 18 months before finally having the test – but that was cancelled due to Covid.

‘[It was] so frustrating because [the tumour] was, like, sooooo progressed,’ she said. 

The 27-year-old began treatment for her lung cancer on March 14. 

‘It was always stage four, but now it’s terminal.Obviously, life expectancy can be longer, like they haven’t given me a “like you’ve got six months to live make the most of it” sort of thing,’ she explained shortly before the treatment began. 

Cancer hasn’t robbed Finlayson of her sense of humour – she joked about being an astronaut while receiving treatment in a recent Instagram post (pictured)

‘But obviously it’s spread to a new main function of your body, rather than just in the lymph nodes.

‘Now it’s all about controlling, managing that to a point that they can then do radiotherapy, possibly resect. 

‘I don’t need all of my two lungs to survive.No, I won’t run another marathon, but I don’t need my whole lung. They can cut off a lobe, which is what I want so badly. But yeah, so it’s just all about managing’.

Earlier this month Finlayson shared a hopeful update on her condition.

‘In line with this week’s theme of “lucky girl syndrome” my tumour markers are tracking below the suspicion levels, chemo is working better than expected & the cancer is unable to thrive!!!’ the mother of one wrote on Instagram.

‘Someone buy me a lottery ticket, honestly.’

She said doctors will not give her an idea of her life expectancy because the chemotherapy was so effective, but added she would ‘never be 100 per cent in the clear’.     

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