Perfume – The Other Identity

Today, women are better informed than their counterparts a few years ago. They know the harm some ingredients used in manufacturing cosmetics cause; for e.g. lead. Similarly, there is also a growing sentiment among them to go for products that have not been tested on animals. Herbal and Natural Beauty Cosmetics have become the order of the day for many women. Natural cosmetics are popular these days as their long term benefits are preferred over the short term benefits that could be potentially harmful in the future. Natural beauty products use a lot of natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ones.

If you are still not sure, get down to your local perfume shop and have a good sniff of what the real stuff smells like. Take one of those paper sticks and bring it home with you. Now compare the smell of your men’s fragrance with that of the genuine article. This should tell you once and for all if your Armani perfume is real.

OK, giving away promotional products is nothing new in the cosmetics market or any other. What is new is “the way” these free cosmetics offers are being provided to you and perhaps the amount of them too. The new way is all down to the constantly increasing popularity and reach of the Internet and the web all across the world.


Tuberose essential oil is very costly. The pure oil is even more expensive than most rose attars which are already notoriously expensive. Tuberose essential oil is used in aromatherapy as an aphrosidiac, to relieve stress and anxiety and to relieve inflammation and muscle pain. It is also used to treat impotency and frigidity.

So what did we learn while playing with black friday kosmetyki is the part that I am very excited to share with you? The first activity on our project is learning the mystery of fragrances. We each close our eyes and sniff the vial one by one trying to guess the scent. Mind you that even on day three we could hardly guess everything correctly. The one thing we added on this activity aside from waiting for five minutes before smelling another vial was to sniff our coffee beans to neutralize our nose senses.

The best beauty products available can all get a boost from a good makeup primer. Primers help your makeup cling to your face and help smooth your skin for a more even canvas. Invest in a good makeup primer for your whole face and pick up area-specific primers if fancy lipstick or eyeshadow. Urban Decay Primer Potion, designed for the eyes, is consistently rated one of the best beauty products by both customers and makeup experts.

Now, if we were to judge by the advertisements and the sales letters that we get, then we would never ever suspect any foul play. Most of the companies claim that their products are full of vitamins and natural oils. Do you know the process to verify these claims? There are no easy ways to verify the ingredients of cosmetic products. One simply must do their own research. However, it is possible to find the difference between true natural products versus toxic cosmetic products. Simply ask for certified natural and/or organic products. The certification logos are printed right on the products. If you do not see the certifying agency prominently displayed on the product, do not buy it.

Before you even contemplate shopping for online cosmetics, the golden rule is to always try and find a legitimate online retailer that sells high quality cosmetics. It may be that you will be paying a slightly higher price than cheap lower branded cosmetics but you will also be getting more for your money as you will be using less of the product. High quality makeup means you look better.

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