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PfSense Mikrotik VPN Firewall Security Router R4 D525

PfSense Mikrotik VPN Firewall Router is a security firewall that can be configured as a robust VPN firewall security router that operates purely on the PfSnese Mikrotik software. It can be configured as a WAN interface to DHCP server. The big secret is that this is one of the best VPN firewall router out there that you can get for the price, which is nothing really, considering you are getting one of the best VPN router out there that is generated by PfSense Firewall.

This PfSense Mikrotik VPN router is a combination of stability and user base for rock solid performance at a minimum price when compared to other VPN firewall router within it’s category. It is incredibly versatile as it comes with all its granular controls which handles ad blocking without the need of a software.

This PfSense Network Security VPN appliance router comes with 2GB of RAM, 32GB SSD and 4GB of memory and Intel Atom D525 Dual Core CPU with four thread. PfSense Mikrotik VPN router supports VLAN as well as treats each VLANs as separate routed layer 3 interfaces that can run on its own services like DHCP, Hotspot, as well as have an IP address on it. You can also have as many devices on it as you like with the knowledge of understanding how network routing works.

£295.65 £220.85

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