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Wavlink N300 Wifi Range Extender With 300Mbps Long Range Booster

One of the best equipment in eliminating dead zones in your house is the Wavlink N300 WiFi Range Extender. This WiFi range extender can double the coverage of your house with ease, it comes with the newest chipset technology that highlight the quality of this Wavlink N300 WiFi range extender. It is made from friendly environmental material with heat resistance, impact resistance and flame retardant quality.

With WPS fast encryption, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your network is safe from hackers because when using a QSS/WPS with a capable network card or router, you just need to press the WPS button to establish a more secure WPA2 level wireless secure connection than your traditional router. While protecting the security of data transmission, it can also protect you from network data theft.

The Wavlink N300 router WiFi range extender WL-WN518 can boost your network and eliminate Wifi dead zones in your house of small office while strengthening and extending its signal into hard to reach areas. The device also reduces signal interference to ensure reliable coverage throughout your home or office. With a transmission speed of 300Mbps, the Wavlink N300 WiFi range extender is ideal for online games and web browsing.

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